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Inclusion Nova Scotia is a provincial not-for-profit organization committed to ensuring that individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families have the support they require to live full and inclusive lives in community. We do this by empowering and supporting individuals and families, promoting rights and values in keeping with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), encouraging reform, and collaborating with other organizations for social justice.

Landmark Human Rights Remedy Will Bring Needed Change to NS

Inclusion NS welcomed the release of a landmark agreement between the Disability Rights Coalition and the Province of Nova Scotia. The interim consent agreement on a Human Rights Remedy marks the end of an 8-year legal battle over the right to live in community and marks the beginning of meaningful change for people with disabilities in NS.

The Remedy Report will lead to transformative change in how people with disabilities will be supported to live and be included in their communities.

For people with intellectual disabilities and their families, the Remedy will bring us a chance to dream beyond the limited services that have been available in NS and to build a truly inclusive life.

The Remedy identifies 6 Key Directions to guide the transformation. Each Key Direction contains core recommendations (see full report or summary of recommendations):

  1. A new system of Individual Planning and Support Coordination to drive more person directed and local community-based supports and services.

    • Uses an approach known as Local Area Coordination.

  2. Closing Institutions

    • All institutions in the province will be closed.

  3. Building a broader system of community-based supports and services

    • Focused on building practices like Homeshare (replacing AFS), addressing funding gaps and building individual and flexible options instead of having a limited menu of options an individual must pick from.

  4. Province wide multidisciplinary support program with regional hubs including other clinical supports to support local options.

  5. Individualized Funding

    • Establish an IF funding structure and IF infrastructure to help people manage their funding. 

  6. Key Direction 6: Strengthening whole Disability System capacity to enable transformation to a human rights approach. 

    • This includes strengthening policy and practices, investing in leadership, cultural change, and training, and enhanced collaboration across government.


Inclusion NS will be supporting people with intellectual disabilities and their families to understand the Remedy and how it can be used to build inclusive lives in community.

Inclusion NS Membership

When you become a member of Inclusion Nova Scotia, you join a dedicated group of individuals committed to fostering a society where people with intellectual disabilities are recognized and heard as valued community members. Our collective effort is rooted in human rights principles of support, understanding, acceptance, and inclusion. As a member, you play an instrumental role in our advocacy efforts, helping us advance our mission and make tangible impacts across the province.
Membership Perks:

  •   Voice in Our Future: Attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and vote on key decisions.

  •   Stay Informed: Receive a digital copy of our annual report.

  •   Exclusive Access: Get priority registration for upcoming workshops and webinars.

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While membership is free, a suggested donation of $25 will enhance our efforts to support more families and individuals with intellectual disability across the province. Every contribution, no matter the size, is deeply appreciated and will have a meaningful difference in our ability to support and serve our community. Please, click on the pink  DONATE  button and consider making a tax-deductible financial contribution to INCLUSION NOVA SCOTIA. 


Together we can ensure we are all living a good life in community.

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