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PATH (Planning Alternate Tomorrows with Hope) is a program that helps you make plans for your future.


The staff at Inclusion Nova Scotia have special training to offer the PATH program.

In PATH, we work together to talk about your goals for your future. We start by talking about what you want to your future to be like, and then we talk about what you can do to get there.

PATH meetings are a lot of fun! You are the most important person in the PATH meeting.

What happens in the PATH meeting?

The PATH meeting can happen in the Inclusion Nova Scotia office or at your home.


You should invite people you trust, like friends and family members to come with you to your PATH meeting. They will help you work on your goals.

In the PATH meeting, a staff person from Inclusion Nova Scotia will:

  • Help you talk about what goals you have for your future.


  • Ask you some questions about how you imagine your future to be.

  • Help you think about the things you are good at, the things you enjoy doing, and what you can do to reach the goals you have for your future. 

  • Draw colourful pictures on a big poster to describe what you talk about at the meeting. You will take this poster home when the meeting is finished to remind you of your PATH goals.


This is a picture of a participant of a PATH with a picture of her poster.
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