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Individual & Family Support

Justin is our Inclusion Facilitator. He helps people with many different things that they may be having trouble with. He can visit you in your home, in our office, or in other places in the community. His job is to work with you to get you the help you need to solve problems and live more independently.


Everyone comes to Justin with different questions and challenges. Some of the things he can help you with are:

  • Jobs

  • Places to live

  • Questions about money

  • Talking to your doctor, your caseworker, or your respite worker

  • Problems you have with your family or friends

  • Finding places to do your favourite activities in the community


Justin gives help to families of people with Intellectual Disabilities, too. His job is to listen to everyone and to focus on what you want for yourself and your future.


If you have questions you think Justin can help you with, please contact him.


Justin's phone number is 902-410-4370
His email is

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