Families for Inclusive Education NS Forum

In November 2019, Inclusion NS, The Club Inclusion, and  Inclusive Education Canada,partnered with families to discuss the new Inclusive Education policy.  Ann Power, Director of Student Services, DOEECD, reviewed the policy. CACL's Executive VP, Krista Carr, and Gordon Porter, Director, IEC, and former Minister of Education, Jody Carr made presentations. Families shared their experiences, strengths, and hopes for Inclusive Education in NS. 

Our Community

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In November 2019, Inclusion NS gave a presentation. to the Disability Support Program students. Executive Director, Ruth Strubank, had an engaging conversation with students about Inclusion NS's history, work, and programs, and discussed NS's current challenges and opportunities on inclusive housing, education, and employment.

Truths of Institutionalization


NSACL and People First NS are working together with Community Living ON to raise awareness about the harm of institutions. Young people need to know past and present stories of people in institutions. 5 forums were held across NS to bring people from the disability movement to help think about what needs to learned.

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