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My Home My Rights

 "My Home, My Rights" - is a participatory action research team working on disability rights. Our core members are people with intellectual disabilities and other disabilities.

Each of us learns and communicates differently. We don't find learning difficult; we just learn in different ways.

We are a part of an international movement for disability justice.


My Home My Rights made three videos exploring disability rights and imagining disability justice.

  1. The Right to Decide: On the right to choose where with whom and how to live. 

  2. House Rules: On the difference between disability support from institutional control.

  3. Social Assistance - On what it means to have access to real community inclusion.

We hope you like our videos which showcase the six core My Home My Rights members:

Conor Clory, Isai Estey, Chantel Meister, Melly Thompson, Simon Snyder, and Jenn Walters.

This project was made possible by a Social Science and Humanities Research Council Partnership Engage Grant awarded to Inclusion Nova Scotia and Dalhousie's Schulich School of Law, with further generous financial support from the University of Calgary, Nova Scotia Support4Culture, Club Inclusion/Prescott Group and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. 


My Home, My Rights is also grateful for the solidarity and support of the Disability Rights Coalition of Nova Scotia, Respecting Rights at ARCH Disability Law, People First Nova Scotia.

Videos -  

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01 Living Independently 120622.mp4


02 House Rules 120722.mp4


03 Social Assistance 121622.mp4



01 Living Independently (CC) 120622.mp4


02 House Rules (CC) 121122.mp4


03 Social Assistance (CC) 121622.mp4

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