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What We Do

  • Support families to become leaders for inclusion and equality.

  • Build awareness of the capacity and value of people with intellectual disabilities as full and contributing citizens.

  • Advance policies and practices to government and community organizations that enable and promote the full inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in all facets of community life.

  • Create resources about how to make inclusion work—at home, at school, in the workplace and in the community.

  • Help communities to increase their capacity to include everyone.

  • Increase awareness about the right to a good life in community, with a focus on supported housing and employment by:

    • Creating resources and building capacity for self-advocates and families.​

    • Engaging and advertising decision-makers and policy-makers on best practices, research, and the UNCRPD.

  • Recognized as a trusted ally and leader with Nova Scotian self-advocates and families by:

    • Providing and accessing information and resources in and for community.​


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