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Medical Assistance in Dying should not replace supports for people with disabilities

Inclusion Nova Scotia is a part of a federation of organizations located in every province and territory across Canada. Although our focus is on Nova Scotian issues, many issues impact people across the country, and on those issues we join together to amplify our voice.

Inclusion Canada, and all of the partners in our federation are currently working to share information on potential changes to the Medical Assistance in Dying legislation, proposed in Bill C-7. This Bill, as currently written, devalues the lives of persons with disabilities, suggesting that having a disability is such a terrible burden that it is a reason for providing Medical Assistance in Dying.

Robin Acton, President of Inclusion Canada has written a powerful op-ed from her perspective as a wife and mother to people living with disabilities. You can read it here:

This is a time sensitive issue, as the Canadian government is required to pass legislation on this issue by February 26, 2021. You have a chance to make a difference. If you are concerned, and want to ensure that people with disabilities are not devalued, and are offered the necessary supports to live full and inclusive lives, rather than seeing death as their only option, please contact your Member of Parliament and Senator and let them know that Bill C-7 as currently written is unacceptable.

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