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Support for getting the Covid 19 vaccine

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

We are excited to have completed Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine: A Visual Guide for People with Disabilities.

If you or someone you know is anxious or hesitant to get the vaccine, this guide may be helpful.

This guide consists of three parts:

Part one provides information and suggestions for people who provide supports to someone with an intellectual disability. Whether you provide support as a professional, a friend or a family member, you will find helpful tips here.

Part two provides plain language responses to common questions that people considering being vaccinated might ask. These will help answer some of these questions in clear, simple language.

Part three is the visual guide that goes step by step through preparing for your vaccination appointment, receiving your vaccination, and what happens after your vaccination. This section includes plain language and visual supp

orts and is designed to be easy to understand. You may choose to adapt the language if there are terms that may be more easily understood by the person you are supporting.

The guide is provided in PDF format, and can be easily used on screen or printed to be taken along to your appointment.

We are grateful to the many community partners that assisted us in creating this resource. Please check the final page of the resource where we acknowledge their contributions.

We have also created a text only guide, which we hope is useful for anyone who uses a screen reader, or simply prefers not to use the visual aspects of this guide.

Please drop us a note to let us know if this guide has been helpful for you and your family or participants.

Download PDF • 1.07MB
Getting the Covid Vaccine text version
Download • 450KB

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