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Don't stop your job search

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Here in Nova Scotia, we are experiencing the 3rd wave of COVID-19. We are all tired of the restrictions, some employers are laying people off, and have stopped hiring new employees. As if the job search isn’t difficult enough for those with disabilities, now it is even more so!

Inclusion NS’s outreach program has developed a Job Seeker Database, where people with intellectual disabilities, or those on the Autism Spectrum can sign up to get job postings from employers who want to be inclusive in their hiring, and have been educated on how to make the workplace fair for those who have disabilities.

We ask you sign up now, to prepare for when employers begin hiring again. It may not happen tomorrow, or for some time. We encourage you to take the time now to take advantage of the opportunity to be your best when things open up again. Start by signing up on our Job Seeker Database.

In the meantime:

  • Sign up for our Life Transitions program to stay connected, learn, and make new friends.

  • Practice physical distancing and handwashing.

  • Do more outdoors.

  • Take care of your physical and mental well-being.

  • Sign up for our Job Seeker Database and stay connected.

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