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Patti Conrad

Patti Conrad grew up in Lunenburg Nova Scotia, and worked in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Newfoundland, before settling in Halifax. A graduate of St. Francis Xavier University (BSc.), Dalhousie University (Master in Health Services Administration and Master in Public Health Education and Promotion) and University of Toronto (PhD in Health Policy and Applied Health Services Research), Patti has a consulting practice in Health Systems and Policy Research. She also enjoys hiking with her Golden Retriever, Angus and is a Board Member of the Halifax Humanities Society.


Patti’s relationship with the broader ACL community began when she was an undergraduate student in physical education at St. FX, when she volunteered her time to deliver leisure and sport programming to persons with intellectual disabilities. As Administrator of Halifax Community Care and Community Services Specialist with the NS Department of Community Services, Patti gained substantial experience in deinstitutionalization and in developing small options policies for provision of quality care and supports. She has also served on the Board of Regional Residential Services Society and is Past President of the Gerontology Association of Nova Scotia.

Patti joined the Inclusion Nova Scotia Board as a Director at Large in June 2018, and has worked tirelessly as Chair of the Fund Development Committee. In 2020, she became Board Vice-President She hopes to apply her expertise in system design, knowledge translation, and use of evidence in policy and decision making to advance the quality of life for persons with intellectual disabilities.  

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